Apartment Reviews for Spring Creek Apartments in Boise

4.8 | 5 Reviews

685 Holly Street, Boise, ID, 83712
(208) 433-9006


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Elizabeth Sanders

Clean common areas outside, nice layout, very lively, always see tenants around the complex, doing there everyday tasks.
Stephen Swindall

I lived there for a year and half. It was a great experience. I made loads of friends and got a puppy while I was here. A bottom apartment is a PERFECT place for a dog. Plus, the location couldnā??t have been better. The maintenance guy was incredibly nice and responsive. Itā??s the only appt Iā??ve missed living in after 10 years of renting in 4 different states.
Mel Walker

Though an older property, it's character blends well with the Warm Springs neighborhood. Management and maintenance are accessible and responsive. The 1B/1BA is more than sufficient for one person. A couple would struggle with storage and closet space and need to have good roommate rules for bathroom use. Assigned covered parking for one vehicle is nice, unless you have a jacked-up truck or camper. There is adequate unassigned uncovered parking. Residents are an eclectic mix of BSU students, young and older folk, since still working, others retired. A large courtyard serves as a meeting place, mostly for dog owners. After a year here I haven't experienced issues with other tenants. Things are quiet, though there is the occasional noises of people going and coming.
Will Edward

Best place I've ever lived, manager and maintenance guy are the best and I honestly mean that as a U S Marine Veteran and person whose has lived all over the world. Kathryn the manager really takes the best care of the residence here. She is an absolute must in order for a place like this to work. She so wonderful as well just as a person in general. I feel at home thanks to her. If you complain about spring creek your either crazy or incapable of being happy. Respectfully G and J